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How to Make the Most of Winter on Victoria Island

In the chill of winter spending time outside without skis, snowboards or snowmobiles sounds counterintuitive. Even more unlikely is the thought of taking in the seasonal shift to stifling cold weather with little more than a bathing suit and a rebellious fist shaking in the atmosphere’s face. Luckily for the citizens Victoria, Nanaimo and everywhere in between on Vancouver Island, there’s a secret to defying the cold and relaxing in the great outdoors. Spa Bound can show you the way to tranquility even with Jack Frost nipping at your nose. 

Spa Bound has built a reputation for distributing quality hot tubs through their two locations in Nanaimo and Victoria. They’re professional team is also recognized as outstanding patio and pool builders on Vancouver Island.
But with winter fast-approaching, Victoria Island residents are probably better off waiting on the big patio installment or swimming pool. But you are just in time to install something that’s great for this time of year and can do wonders for your health: a hot tub.
Consider the following benefits of hydrotherapy:

  • Soaking in a hot tub dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to body tissues
    Hydrotherapy promotes endorphin production, the chemical that stimulates peace, calm and tranquility in the mind
    Hot tub jets stimulate your muscles, from an invigorating deep-tissue massage to a gentle surface massage
    Buoyancy created by air/water ratios relieves pressure from stressed joints
    Hot tubs can help joint inflammation and aches associated with Arthritis
    Muscular tension is washed away
    Increased circulation quickens the body’s natural healing process, speeding recovery from physical exercise
    Hot tub owners have reported improved sleeping habits

Visit CA Pools today to browse their wide range of models and discover which one is right for you. Don’t let the winter season force you inside this year, step inside a hot tub and you’ll forget about the importance of layering.

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