How to Drain your Hot Tub for Winter

One of the benefits of hot tubs is that they can be used year-round. If your spa will likely go unused during the winter season, however, draining it may be a good idea. Draining your hot tub for the winter months can eliminate operating costs, prevent algae growth, and save you from having to do aggravating maintenance in the freezing cold!

The first step to draining your hot tub involves turning on the jets. To remove any residue and mineral deposits from the inside of your spa, it is helpful to add a spa flush when you turn the jets on. Follow the flush directions to ensure you do this properly.

Next, you will need to turn off the power to both the heater and the pump. You will also be required to unplug your spa or throw its circuit breaker. Then, remove the cartridge from your spa’s filter. Give it a good thorough cleaning and let it dry before storing it. This will help prevent mildew and extend the life of your filter cartridge.

Empty your hot tub of all the water. You can do this through the drain hose or by pumping the water out. Once you’ve done this, remove all hoses from their fittings in order to drain the plumbing. Open the drain valve on your pump if it has one. To get rid of any remaining water, blow air through the jets with a wet/dry vacuum.

Next, use towels to dry up any remaining water in the spa. Wipe down the entire tub and allow it to dry completely. In order to protect your spa’s surface from the elements, apply a generous coat of wax or vinyl conditioner. Finally, put the cover on your hot tub. To further protect your spa from sustaining damage from the elements, it is a good idea to install a storage cover.

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